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Spider-man [userpic]
The Big Finish
by Spider-man (webslingah)

It had been a long time in coming - another month of filming, followed by press and promotional tours. Though there have been documentaries about super-heroes, the debut of Spider-Man : The Movie was eagerly anticipated as the first summer blockbuster-style look at the life of a real costumed crime-fighter. Of course, despite the real Spider-Man's apparent endorsement, the picture is believed to be highly fictionalized - rumors of Spider-Man's activity as a secret agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. nothing more than the product of the imagination of creative consultant Flash Thompson.

Simultaneous debuts are held in New York and Los Angeles - with Damon and Affleck putting in the star power on the left coast, Mary-Jane Watson and her date are at the head of the line for the New York showing.

The audience seems to like it well enough - of course, New York is a pretty friendly crowd for super-heroes, even those with press as bad as Spider-Man's. Spider-Man breaks with his military benefactors, saves the girl, and defeats the villain - Dr. Octopus, thanks to a last-minute negotiation with Otto after his imprisonment for his attack on the studio. It builds to the last shot, three figures standing on a rooftop, overlooking Manhattan at sunset - Matt Damon, as an unmasked Spider-Man; Mary-Jane Watson, as 'Selina', the love interest; and J.K. Simmons, as Jonah Jameson.

"I'm sorry I doubted you. There was no way I could have known." says Jonah.

Selina smiles, wrapping her arms around Spider-Man. "I always knew. In my heart."

Spider-Man smiles back at Selina, and turns to Jonah. "I don't blame you. Believe me, I don't. In fact - it may be for the best if you go on pretending to hate me. As long as the Bugle continues to excoriate Spider-Man, no one will ever suspect the truth.. Dad."

Watcher [userpic]
International Kissing Day
by Watcher (watcher_uatu)
at July 6th, 2010 (08:47 pm)

Humans and mutants alike enjoy their holidays. They have large ones such as Christmas and New Years Day. They have them throughout the different seasons such as Easter in the spring and Halloween in the fall. They even have silly holidays such as International Talk Like A Pirate Day.

Let us see what they do now, when the World Kissing Day arrives on the calender.

Spider-man [userpic]
Lights, Camera, Inaction
by Spider-man (webslingah)

Movie magic seems awfully interesting from the perspective of an outsider, but up close? Not so much. Sure, having the real Spider-Man on set had caused a bit of a stir, and if anything, Flash Thompson was more excited than ever to bring this project together - but for Peter, the set visits had begun to get repetitive.

Action, cut, again. Action, cut, again. The same scene, take after take.

So he sits on the wall, relaxing with the latest issue of Variety, trying to puzzle out what the jargon-laden headline means.

At least he can take comfort in the new ending bit they agreed to put in the script. That'll make all this worthwhile..

Phil Urich [userpic]
Tinkering With This and That
by Phil Urich (excelsior_man)
at June 18th, 2010 (09:42 am)

Phil takes a deep puff of his inhaler before wiping his brow, hunched over a worktable in the loft he'd rented. It was amazing what you could find with Reed Richards' name backing your expense card. He'd asked if it'd be alright if he got himself some space outside the Baxter Building, after the first few months of practically living at the Excelsior office, and it had been deemed not a problem. Now he had his own reasonably comfortable place to sleep... apart from the nightmares.

They'd been getting worse lately, and he'd been going through his inhibitors slightly faster, there was no denying that anymore. The news reports about attacks on teenage vigilantes and aspiring heroes by some glider-riding figure, sparse as they'd been, weren't helping matters. Someone out there was doing exactly what he'd founded Excelsior to try and avert, and it was driving him up the wall.

Still, as grim as things were getting, he'd managed to salvage something of the situation.

Phil had never been stupid, but tech certainly hadn't been his thing. Lately though, schematics he would have stared at in dumbfounded wonder a year ago seemed to make sense after a few glances. Working out of the Baxter Building gave him the opportunity to look at a lot. Amazing the stuff they'd leave laying around. As powerful as his Lunatic Laugh was, he didn't dare stop the inhibitors; but it had given him an idea. Sonics were serious business. And with the right stockpiling of stereo equipment, some tools, and a few notebooks filled with notations of old Klaw-tech designs, something was taking shape.

He hadn't wanted to be a superhero again. This was going to be something else.

Someone out there had a plan, and he didn't like it.

So he was going to throw some feedback at it.

Training (open)
by Kate Bishop (violetarcher)
at May 30th, 2010 (11:07 pm)


Another arrow hit the bullseye. Kate grinned, wiping the sweat from her forehead. Five in a row, all perfect shots. Like always. Her teammates may poke fun at her "addiction" to training, but for Kate? At least two hours of training a day was a must for her. It wasn't that she was a perfectionist herself or anything, but it wasn't like she tolerated her making mistakes in her daily routine, either. Kate put down her bow, walking over to the target and removing her arrows.

The grin on her face got wider, as Kate got an idea. She walked back over to her bow. She reached into her quiver, pulling out the blindfold. She placed it front of her eyes, before tying it behind her head. Kate reached down to where her bow and quiver of arrows were placed. She knocked the arrow in her bow. Inhaling, Kate focused, pulling back on the bowstring. There was nothing else in the room. It was just her. Her and the target. Exhaling, Kate let go of the bowstring, letting the arrow fly.

Kate removed her blindfold, placing down her bow to look at the target. Bullseye. Kate grinned.


Watcher [userpic]
walking on the sidewalk, hotter than a match head
by Watcher (watcher_uatu)
at May 26th, 2010 (04:30 pm)
current song: Loving Spoonful - Summer in the City

When temperatures get unseasonably warm, catching many unaware, it effects everyone and everything. The Earth is no exception. Let us see how some of the inhabitants react when a sudden heat wave grips the Northeast.

Late Night at Xavier's
by barwithnoname (barwithnoname)

The Xavier Academy has one of the most advanced security systems in the world, designed for the early detection of a variety of threats that could put the student population at risk. It's been a long time since this particular alarm was triggered, though.

WARNING. Sentinels detected.

Two modified Mark IV Sentinels land on the grounds and begin walking towards the mansion.

"Target detected. Living quarters, third floor. Exterminate."

They advance.

Spider-man [userpic]
Taking a Meeting
by Spider-man (webslingah)
at May 14th, 2010 (09:54 pm)

Most major film studios maintain a New York office, and the studio handling the Spider-Man movie was no exception. And despite a bevy of security on the ground-level to keep out the riff-raff, they weren't really prepared to deal with riff-raff with web-shooters. So he's able to bypass the receptionists and ex-football players in security guard uniforms and slip inside.

A check of the building blueprints earlier in the day meant he knew exactly where to go - so Spider-Man strides up to a pair of oak doors and turns the handles to interrupt the meeting within.

"Excuse me, gentlemen. We need to talk business."

Emma Frost [userpic]
by Emma Frost (white_queen)
at May 13th, 2010 (08:41 pm)

There are many people whom Emma Frost is generally loathe to deal with. Sebastian Shaw is one of them. Selene Gallio is another. Jean Grey and Madelyne Pryor are also on that list.

Well, perhaps not Madelyne as much as Jean. After all, it's not Madelyne's fault that the life she had handed to her was...the life she had handed to her.

Still, Emma had heard some...very interesting rumours about Madelyne Pryor lately, and she needed to confirm them one way or another.

So, once again, she found herself in the Russian Tea Room.

This time, without Jean Grey. She really didn't need her for this round.

This was between herself and Madelyne.

S'almost summertime.
by Laurie Collins (corner_bloom)
at May 13th, 2010 (12:32 am)

It was nearly the end of the semester. As such, there were exams coming up, presentations to think about, and projects to wrap up. The last option, there... That one was Laurie's chief concern. It was a two-person thing, and, bad as it was, she hadn't even managed to set up a meeting time or anything with her partner.

Kevin Ford. Right over there, sitting in the other corner, and she hadn't even managed to figure out what they were going to do for a decently-sized chunk of their grade. Shame on her.

She approached him after class, finally, books tucked up safely in her arms. "Uh. Hey." She tried to sound bright and friendly, but the whole talking-to-relative-strangers thing really got to her. "So... We should probably do that project. Sorry I haven't said anything about it sooner, I just... Well. Yeah. Are you free any time soon?"

Kate [userpic]
the sign reads 'please don't feed the dust bunnies' (open really)
by Kate (joanofalltrades)
at May 11th, 2010 (10:26 am)

The workers were still finishing up the construction of the new X-Factor headquarters but that didn't stop Kate Cordello from dropping by one evening.

After getting off of work, she had gone home. She had made herself dinner and had tried to relax. But quiet moments at home only brought thoughts of her past, of Stryker's riots, and of her terrible mistake. Kate wasn't able to sit there, alone. Time wasn't wasted in calling girlfriends to see if they wanted to go out. Eventually, things would slow down and her mind would wonder. She just couldn't handle that. Ever since the riots she had become less social anyway. Kate had a good excuse for it, at any rate.

She took the subway into District X and then walked the rest of the way. There was still a lot of activity in the area regarding construction and people moving in and out. The neighborhood was changing and Kate wasn't afraid for her safety. When Kate arrived at the headquarters, the lights and sounds coming from the fourth floor indicated that she wasn't alone. She could hear the sounds of hammers and saws doing their job. Most of the work was complete but there was still a lot of finishing that had to be done on the second and third stories.

The new headquarters was not an imposing one. It was a simple looking, brick faced, four story building that sat on the corner a few blocks away from the Revere Community Center. The team didn't need a grand building, just something serviceable and that's what the building looked like. The inside was a completely different matter, however. The first and second floor were done. Kate had cleaned them once before but with the trafficking of lumber and paint, she knew that it would need it again. It was the perfect project to keep her mind busy.

By the time the sun had set, Kate was alone in the building. The workers had all gone home and she was lost in a lemon-scented, cleaning zone.

Spring. Yeah. That's a good thing, bub.
by Logan (snikthead)
at May 10th, 2010 (10:08 am)
current location: Xavier Mansion

For a gruff guy who doesn't seem to like anything that isn't a beer, a cigar or a kid in distress, Logan does enjoy April and May. Warm, not hot.  (Hairy Canadians just don't get comfortable in extreme heat, y'know.) So while 65 might be a little cool for other Mansion denizens to enjoy the place's outdoor pool, it suits him just fine.

And 10am ain't too early for a brew, either.

Bottle beside him, cigar in one corner of his mouth, legs kicked out on the lounge chair, Logan turns up the music -  Johnny Cash this morning - and settles in for some relaxation.  He's got no plans to budge for at least four hours.

Lonely In The Garden of Pleausre
by Venus (venus_victrix)
at April 23rd, 2010 (03:15 pm)

The Pleasure Garden had opened in San Francisco just a few scant weeks ago, but already, it was one of the busiest places in the city, especially during the nighttime. In opposition to its name, though, The Pleasure Garden wasn’t some seedy nightclub or a place where the nightlife loving citizens of the Bay Area went to hook up. Rather, The Pleasure Garden was a lounge based off of the old pleasure gardens of Ancient Rome - a public venue for music, socializing, and the like. There was nothing seedy or dirty about it, and its owner – the siren and superheroine known as Venus – wouldn’t have it any other way. She did, after all, believe in the more romantic, soulful aspects of sex.

Venus smiled as she greeted some who were becoming regulars, as well as others who were new to the Pleasure Garden. Unlike most clubs and lounges, The Pleasure Garden didn’t have a cover charge or anything – as long as your intentions were pure, you were allowed in, a condition which had suited Venus just fine. She wasn’t doing this for the money – that was what she had Beauty magazine for, and while No. 9 Matchmaking also pulled in a fair amount of money, that too was more for the people than it was for herself.

She paused as she stepped out into the open air courtyard of the sprawling complex that housed her latest business venture and stared up into the sky. She hadn’t seen Bob for a long while now, ever since they had both found it amenable to part ways. It would be wrong to say that she didn’t miss him – she did, of course – but somewhere deep down inside, she knew that, for now, this was for the better.

Venus let the moonlight flow over her for a moment, her silvery-white gown glittering softly under its glow, before she went back inside and took her place on the stage. Every night, Venus spent a quarter of an hour, at least, singing her songs of love to the public. She loved to sing, of course, it was part of her nature as a siren, but more than that, it was the least she could do for these people who were out seeking love or companionship. Her songs here didn’t induce any sexual fervency, but they helped those out at night sort through their emotions and, if possible, fall in true love.

Because everyone deserved a little love in their lives.

Even the customers who were single.

Cassie Lang [userpic]
We last left out heroes...
by Cassie Lang (magnetlips)
at April 18th, 2010 (08:49 pm)
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It was no secret that the Young Avengers were a lot less united than usual. First Anya left, then Danny. Nate was doing... whatever it was he always did, and really he hadn't counted as a Young Avenger in a long while. And for Cassie, at least, school had started consuming her life. They were growing up.

But that didn't mean Cassie couldn't hang out at Avengers Mansion and veg out for a bit. Tommy would probably show up soon. Not that she'd track him down and ask him to hang out with her. That would ruin the unspoken sort of friend thing.

Cutting the ribbon...
by marvel_citizens (marvel_citizens)
at April 14th, 2010 (09:36 pm)

It's the ribbon cutting of the Revere Community Center. The center still occupied the old site of the Revere High School building, the same site that had seen both tragedy and heroism during the riot. It had not been possible to salvage the old building, only the name Revere.

The original building had not been salvageable and perhaps it was for the best. Slowly but surely District X was being rebuilt and already two new apartment buildings had been completed. Three more were expected to be completed by the end of the summer with shops to go with. Another round of buildings, and it was hoped that they could be co-oped, would be done by the end of the year. Most of the buildings had green design incorporated in them, it was how the rebuilding qualified for so many grants and tax breaks. X-Corporation was primarily heading the reconstruction but there were opportunities. There was a strict code for the buildings. The housing had to be affordable. While the housing was supposed to be open to everyone, those who had been displaced during the riots did have first priority. As long as these conditions had been met, anyone was eligible to help contribute.

Guilt had helped played a part in how swiftly the restoration was coming along.

And now the Revere Community Center was complete, a huge ribbon cutting ceremony had been planned and a community block party afterward. The extensive facilities would be shown off for the media along with the playground and green space that had been built next to it.

It was supposed to be a good day.

Dr. Doom goes to Washington (and then New York)
by Dr. Doom (finn_solomon)

Location: A studio in New York

It had become a ritual for most of America in this day and age of an unrelenting deluge of talking heads and media 'personalities', who endlessly parrot the same tired headlines along the same tired battlelines without cessation. Come home from work, crack open a can of something cold and frosty, and turn on the Daily Show. No one cut through all the mess quicker and cleaner than Jon Stewart and the best f*&king news team on television.

Tonight, however, was something different. Both print and new media had been abuzz with the rumour that Victor Von Doom, the reigning dictator of Latveria and notorious supervillain, had embarked on a landmark tour of America ostensibly to promote trade and better relations between the United States and that of his native country. Aside from a brief meeting with the President, Doom's entourage had imposed a total media blackout. Reporters had been warned not to come within fifty feet of the metal clad monarch. But then something had changed. Doom would be making a special, once-in-a-lifetime appearance on a major American talk show to 'give his side of the story', as his advisors had put it. For some reason, he had chosen the Daily Show.

The reaction was immense. Speculation about Doom's impending appearance was on everyone's lips. Most suspected another fiendish plot. Some actually wanted to hear him out. The American superhero community, SHIELD and various national security and law enforcement agencies had been placed on the highest of high alerts. It was under this tense atmosphere that enticed millions to tune in that night.

"From Comedy Central's World News Headquarters in New York, this is the Daily Show with Jon Stewart!" intoned a deep voice over the sound of wild cheers.

The shot tightened on a man with attractive graying hair, dressed in a dark blue suit and seated behind a desk. He was furiously scribbling something on a piece of paper, which if you looked closely, didn't appear to be anything legible at all. 

"Hello and welcome to the Daily Show!" cried the man, flinging his pen over his shoulder. "What a show we have got for you tonight. My guest - a certain esteemed monarch of a small European country. Some of you see this person as a terrorist, others as the world's most dangerous criminal, and still others as a revolutionary hero. My guest tonight, Queen Elizabeth of England!"

The newsman grinned as the audience laughed and clapped appreciatively.

"Nah, just messing. My guest tonight - his royal highness Dr. Victor von Doom!"

A round of boos followed this announcement.

"And continuing this trend, next week we'll have Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, followed by Kim Jong Il," said the man. "But let's take a look at what the rest of America had to say about the show tonight..."

In the shadows offstage, Victor von Doom stood perfectly still, gleaming armored arms folded across his chest. A deep stentorian voice echoed from within the depths of his faceplate.

"What is that fool doing now?"

"Uh, he's doing his monologue," ventured a nervous young production assistant. The backstage crew were hovering around the Latverian leader, not daring to come closer. The squad of gigantic men in shades and dark suits with ominous bulges under their jackets surrounding Doom might have had something to do with it.

Doom's helmet swivelled until it faced the wretched young man. Eyes that burned with an inhuman fire were focused on him.

"What is this monologue?"

"It's a...a...look, he takes a newsclip, usually from Fox, and he makes fun of it. It's what he does on every, y'know, every single show..."

"Josef," snapped Doom.

"My lord," replied a man by Doom's right hand. Josef Petrovich was Prime Minister von Bardas's top aide. She had been left behind to run the country in Doom's absence, but she had sworn up and down that the man was capable. In Doom's opinion, he had barely been that thus far.

"How long does a monologue run?"

"About five minutes or so, my lord."

"That is a waste of time. I shall begin my interview at once." Without a backward glance Doom strode onto the stage in the glare of the bright lghts, his cloak swishing about him.

A large screen was showing a newsclip, presumably yanked from one of the other major news networks. On it a bespectacled woman with brown hair and an ingratiating smile was speaking loudly to an assembled mass of protestors.

"President Obama once again shows he is willing to negotiate with terrorists! Is nothing sacred? Is nobody safe? This so-called diplomatic visit of the known terrorist von Doom is a final statement on the depths to which this Administration will sink to!"

The newsman smiled sheepishly. "Somebody shoot me, cos I'm actually agreeing with Sarah there...hold on..."

Doom had taken a seat. The newsman stared at him, momentarily nonplussed. "Uh, his highness Victor von Doom. You're not actually supposed to be on until -"

"I am speeding this up. There are many things I wish to discuss," returned Doom calmly. The flimsy chair on which he sat was beginning to creak and groan under the weight.

"Right. Okay. So, your highness...may I call you doctor?"

"If you must."

"There have been many things you have been accused of over the years, doctor. People have called you a terrorist, a monster, a tyrant. What do you have to say to them?"

"To that I reply; ask any Latverian. The facts do not lie. I instigated a revolution to overthrow a hated dictator who was ruining Latveria. Who better than I to take the reins? I have secured peace, prosperity and unparalleled advancement for my country."

"But what about rumours that you are suppressing fair elections in Latveria?" asked the newsman.

"Ridiculous propaganda. Just because Latveria's economy is more socialist in nature your nation's leaders will persist in perpetuating these lies. Prime Minister Lucia von Bardas won a fair election just recently, she is a patriot and an excellent leader."

"Let me just play this tape, if I may. Roll two-twelve..."

A video appeared on screen. It depicted a man in a dark suit addressing a group of gathered reporters from a podium. The byline that flashed across the screen identified him as an agent of and spokesman for SHIELD.

"The man is a maniac, he is a terrorist, he is an extremely dangerous individual with unlimited capacity to cause harm. I strongly urge the United States government not to engage in any sort of discourse with Victor von Doom."

Although Doom remained shrouded within his armour, there was no mistaking the depth of the hatred that he harboured for the man on the screen. The reflexive clenching of an armoured glove was perhaps the most telling indicator.

"Now that, as you know, was the official SHIELD line for your visit."

"Ah, SHIELD. Where would they be today without rampant paranoia and suspicion?"

"After close consultation with one Professor Reed Richards, otherwise known as Mr. Fantastic of the world famous Fantastic Four."

"I am aware of his existence," snarled Doom.

"You two were roomies together at Empire State, as I understand it. Any wild keggers? Could Professor Richards hold his liquor?"

"It was an utterly forgettable experience," said Doom in a would-be-offhand manner. "Richards was as unimpressive then as he is today."

"But how can you say that about the smartest man on Earth?" asked the newsman.

"Let me ask you something. What is the basis of that piece of hyperbole?"

"Excuse me?"

"Why exactly is Richards considered the smartest man on the planet?"

"Well," began the newsman. "The Baxter Building's full of extraordinary technology, for one thing. He's built spaceships and time travel machines, hell, I heard he even made a razor with twenty seven blades."

The audience laughed genially.

"Strange, is it not, that Richards never deigns to share his advancements with the rest of humanity?" said Doom, in poisonous tones.

"I don't understand what you're getting - '

"Has he found the cure for cancer? Balanced the national budget? Improved food production, solved inflation, provided better weaponry for your country's military? No. He has not. America has not seen significant improvement since the beginning of Richards's career. I, however, have taken a Fourth World nation and turned it into the military and economic rival of practically any other country on Earth. I put it to you, Mr. Stewart, that Richards's reputation is so much hot air and fancy PR work."

The newsman looked crestfallen. The audience remained silent. Eventually he managed to recover and moved on. "Roll two-oh-eight."

A video appeared on screen. It appeared to be filmed from a handheld camera. It depicted a familiar silver-and-green figure laughing maniacally, engaged in battle against the world famous Fantastic Four. Buildings had collapsed and screams of utter terror could be heard.

"Again? Richards, his woman, the monster, and the burn victim. What was the purpose of airing that video?"

"Now that was an eyewitness account of a recent battle between you and the world famous Fantastic Four on American soil. What do you have to say to the people who call you a terrorist?"

"That was not me. It was a Doombot."

"A Doombot?"

"A robotic double of myself, with similar capabilities."

"Let me get this straight, doctor. Are you seriously trying to say that every single time that you've been implicated in a terrorist attack...it was your robot buddy all along?"

"Precisely. My experiments sometimes do not turn out the way I anticipate, and terrorists do insist on stealing my technology."

"Which is the story you'll be sticking to, I'm sure," remarked the man sarcastically. "So doctor, why are you in America this time?"

"As I have said in my private meeting with your President, I wish to facilitate better relations between Latveria and the United States. Trade, exchange programmes, technology deals, there is much good to be done if we cooperate. Unlike Richards in his ivory tower, never deeming it worthy to walk amongst the mortals."

"What do you have to offer? Is there something like Doomtoberfest? Do we all get free beer?"

"It would be a mercy, your beer tastes like swine's water," remarked Doom, to general boos. "No, I am talking about knowledge. Latveria has many success stories to share. And I am not afraid to throw the gates wide open. Later this month I will be meeting with other officials as well as giving speeches and such. I have nothing to hide. And let me say once again, if I am in any way attacked or harassed during the duration of my visit, I will consider it an unforgivable act of war upon Latveria. The costumed cretins have now been warned."

"I'm sure they're listening very closely," said the newsman weakly. "We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen!"

by Iron Fist/Danny Rand (a_fist_of_iron)
at March 27th, 2010 (05:18 pm)

Danny was out on patrol, hopping rooftops as usual. He needed to get some fresh air, especially since Jeryn had been nagging him about the deal with Wai-Go Industries. 10.6 billion for 2,500 kilometers of Randtrack Type II Halbach Array Lines from Beijing to Hong Kong, 10 Randrapid trains that could go up to 580 kmph. And all the appropriate tech transferred to China's National Maglev Transportation Research Center. It seemed too good a deal to pass up, but Danny didn't like the idea of aiding a government that violated human rights.

Besides that, he simply didn't trust Wai-Go, or their representative, Xao. There was little he knew about either of them, and they had never done business with Rand Inc. before. Something was up, and he had a hunch. Danny planned on giving Wai-Go's offices a quick late night visit to see just how legit they were.

Until then, he'd just enjoy the exercise and the all too familiar sights.

Ben Grimm [userpic]
Baxter Building
by Ben Grimm (grimm_n_gritty)
at March 11th, 2010 (09:32 pm)

In one of the countless storage areas of the Baxter Building, Ben Grimm is hunting for something - increasingly agitated as he fails to locate the object he seeks. He tosses aside some of the other objects he displaces - carefully setting aside others he recalls as dangerous or unstable.

"Huh. A fake mock-up of Annihilus's Cosmic Control Whoozits."

He tosses the golden capsule aside and it hits the floor with a 'tink' and rolls away.

"I know this thing's around here somewhere.."

Danger Room, Bub
by Logan (snikthead)
at March 11th, 2010 (02:45 pm)
current location: Danger Room

Logan has something of a love/hate relationship with the X-Men in general and with the Mansion in specific owing to his love of independence and a desire to keep entangling relationships to a minimum.  He still finds himself at Xavier's School more often than not, for better or worse, and at the very least, he enjoys the Danger Room. Few places offer him an on-demand place to rip, tear, shred, rend and otherwise demolish bad guys (albeit computer-generated ones) under the excuse of "training."

Training, his hairy arse. He likes letting loose, giving into his feral nature, and this place lets him do just that.  Anytime.

Presently, all six claws out, teeth bared in a rigor of bloodlust, he is tearing through a legion of Sentinels.  Scarlet on his t-shirt and the occasional torn fabric indicates he has been cut more than once, but of course, nothing on his skin shows damage.The room's safety settings are, as per the norm for him, switched off, because otherwise, where's the fun in that?

Emma Frost [userpic]
Tinkering in the Lab
by Emma Frost (white_queen)
at March 3rd, 2010 (01:28 pm)

Emma Frost was down in the lab, tinkering away on a machine that would help her expand her mind’s power exponentially. To be perfectly honest, the machine wasn’t unlike Cerebra at all. To say that it was a smaller, more portable version of Cerebra wouldn’t be off the mark at all. Really, it was the netbook of Cerebras. With four times the power.

People tended to forget just how smart, how educated Emma truly was. All they saw was the artfully bleached blonde hair, the artistically sculpted nose, and the best body that money possibly could have bought her. (The body was indeed flawless, in diamond form or flesh.) But that’s not all that she was about. Before there had been the beauty, there had been the brains.

A small static burst of electricity caused Emma to go diamond, and she flipped the machine over, wondering what she’d done wrong. Perhaps she’d ask Henry about it later, see what he had to say. In the mean time, a drink sounded positively delightful. She turned away from the machine and reached into the bucket of champagne on hand. She poured herself a fizzy flute and sat back, taking a short break, letting her mind wander.

She hadn’t gone to visit her brother this week, and she supposed she should make time for that. Perhaps this weekend. An extended visit would be nice. She may even be able to break through whatever it is that was plaguing him.

A queen can dream, at least, Emma mused as she set her flute down. The truth was that Christian was so far gone that Emma didn’t think he’d ever be able to come out of it. But she could dream. And she could hope. Her brother was the only relative around who Emma gave a damn about anymore, and she’d be damned if there wasn’t a way to fix him.

She looked at the machine that she had taken to calling Cerebrette. (Well, at least until a better name came her way.) Someway, somehow, she would find a way.

Emma stood back up, smoothed down her jeans, and went back to work on the machine. By tonight, it would be in tip-top shape.

genequeen [userpic]
An appointment with an important man
by genequeen (genequeen)
at March 2nd, 2010 (11:36 pm)

Today has been a lesson in patience. Madelyne Pryor has been so very tempted to use her telepathy to get what she wants, to reach out and to twist the minds of those around her in order to get a meeting with Tony Stark. No, no, she's played it entirely straight today, even though that means she's spent the day doing battle with the warren of people who surround Mr. Stark in order to protect him from the rest of the world.

She's been promised half an hour but she's been sitting here in the waiting room for ... Hell, she has no idea how long she's been sitting here. To be entirely honest, she isn't certain that Mr. Stark is even in the building or has any plans of coming into the building today. Maybe she'll get to a personal assistant of some sort at the very least.

Still, if one more pampered preening sorority girl in a pastel suit comes by to apologize for the length of her wait, she should not be held accountable for what happens next.

v_pepperpotts [userpic]
A Well-Deserved, But Consequential Vacation
by v_pepperpotts (v_pepperpotts)
at March 1st, 2010 (06:46 pm)

There were reasons Pepper never took a vacation.

Most of those reason involved her boss. Hawaii was fantastic, and she'd certainly needed the time away, but one look at the size of her inbox, and all the stress she'd managed to relieve on the tropical beaches came rushing back, with interest.

"I knew I should have started last night," she muttered quietly, kicking herself for indulgently sleeping off the jet-lag instead of going over Tony's calendar for today. The temp she'd hired to cover for her while she was away was nowhere to be found - which meant she'd either quit in tears, or Tony had slept with her - return to answer 'a'.

Making a mental note to start implementing a paperless system as soon as it was feasible, Pepper ignored the mountain of files waiting for her perusal and instead called up the calendar on her computer. It was nearly 7AM, and Tony wasn't scheduled for anything until a 12PM lunch with the Board of Directors.

Finally, a bit of luck. She'd have plenty of time to prepare for the issues on the agenda before then... assuming Tony gave her no trouble. She hadn't yet checked to see if he was in bed still, (maybe that was where the temp was - God forbid) or in his 'garage', and now that she felt she had a little bit more of a handle on her day, she click-clacked in her heels down the hall to his room, knocking softly and waiting for an answer before pushing the door open.

Spider-man [userpic]
Headquarters of the Rich(ards) and Famous
by Spider-man (webslingah)
at March 1st, 2010 (03:57 pm)

The new Spider-Man movie was underway, and Peter wasn't quite sure how to feel about that. It was nice that M.J. had a major part. It was nice that people apparently thought enough of him to actually make a movie project like this viable.

The fact that Flash Thompson was apparently the chief source of information and inspiration didn't fill him with confidence, though.

So it is that Spider-Man finds himself seeking out a friend who's more used to the limelight - knocking at a window near the top of the Baxter Building. As it is early afternoon, it's about a fifty-fifty shot that Johnny's even awake.

Rogue [userpic]
The first time again.... for the last time....?
by Rogue (_steelmagnolia_)
at February 28th, 2010 (10:23 pm)
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She's nervous. She wasn't at all expecting to be nervous. It isn't as if she and Remy have never been on a date before. Then again, it has been a long time since it has been a date and not some furtive searching for time together in between explosions and the end of the world ... again. Pushing off her car, she straightens out the skirts of her dress in the light breeze that is also attempting to tangle her hair.

The gloves she's wearing are thin lace and the dress is similar to the one she wore on the first date they ever attempted. Before the trip wire and Omega Red and... well, it was a long time before they got a chance to actually have and finish that date. She's hoping that wearing another lace dress with full skirts, a dark blue this time, harkens to the idea of starting over and doesn't jinx things instead.

Ms. Marvel [userpic]
Mid-Afternoon Snack
by Ms. Marvel (ms_marvel)
at February 21st, 2010 (04:57 pm)

Mmm. Beer. So good, Carol Danvers thought to herself as she downed half of a particularly icy bottle in one long gulp. She wiped her mouth and leaned against the counter in the kitchen of Avengers Mansion, feeling instantly refreshed. It had been a long, long week, but all of it had been very worth it. Carol had wrested control of Woman magazine from J. Jonah Jameson just a month ago (score one for her), and its new reign was going very well, if she did say so herself. People who refused to work with Jameson were flocking to her in droves, and that did much for her ego. Finally, with JJJ out of the picture, Carol could do an actual, respectable magazine. And boy, does that feel good, she mused as she started on her second beer.

She lifted herself onto the granite counter and took another swig. A corona of energy traveled over Carol from toe to head as her Ms. Marvel uniform transformed into blue jeans and a fitted, button down black shirt.

She had been on her way home when Carol had run across a nasty bank robbery in progress. She’d stopped it easily, and she’d actually been recognized for her efforts. Quite frankly, that made her feel marvelous.

Carol’s stomach rumbled then.


Food would be good.

She dove back into the fridge and pulled out the fixings for a sandwich. Pastrami and mustard on sourdough. Yes, that sounded perfect.

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