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marvel_mansion's Journal

The Mighty Marvel Mansion
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This is an RPG community for Marvel Comics Universe characters. Membership is by application only. If you're interested in applying for an invitation, please see this OOC post or email the mods at marvelmods @ gmail.com. We also have a FAQ and other info.

marvel_mansion is winding down as a community - those of us who remain engaged and interested are planning to create a new community that has less divergent continuity, to make it more welcoming to new players. As such, the applications page should be considered defunct. There's always the possibility that a surge of interest will revitalize the game, but for the time being, this disclaimer is appropriate.

If you wish to apply despite this warning, then you may still expect a response.

We are building a new community at the_marvels.

Fellow comics fans are welcome to add the community to their friends list, but we restrict membership and posting privileges to characters in the RPG.

People interested in following the community are encouraged to join and post to mansion_fans. There you can ask questions and interact with the players. If you want to interact with the characters for meta fun, check out marvel_bullpen

Other associated communities include mansion_bullpen (our OOC community), and jla_watchtower and dc_nation (our DC universe cousin communities). marvel_nextgen is another affiliate.

We will happily accept obscure characters, but only accept original characters from players who have joined with a character from Marvel canon. We also are seeking players for a few specific characters.

Our Marvel Wiki contains the most up to date information on available and taken characters, by the use of its tagging system.

Taken characters : http://marvelmansion.wetpaint.com/tag/Played

Available characters : http://marvelmansion.wetpaint.com/tag/Available

High Priority Available characters : http://marvelmansion.wetpaint.com/tag/Priority

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