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Monet Yvette Clarisse Marie Therese St. Croix

Follow Your Nose: La Capitale Mondiale des Parfums

The weather was unusually warm today--though even warmer in the courtyard dining area of La Bastide St Antoine--thanks to the crisp, clear sky hanging over Grasse, but still cool at just 12 degrees Celcius. Large, lamp-like space heaters towered protectively over the restaurant's patrons, shielding them from the chill, though many wore shawls and light coats to keep off the occasional breeze. While there were few patrons sharing in the outdoor lunch, those who were found company in friends, lovers, or spouses. One, however, did not.

Beneeth a leafless Ginkgo tree, off to the right of the courtyard sat a single table. Upon the table was a delicate spread of New wave sea bass with vanilla-scented olive oil, Turbot with artichokes, the first woodland mushrooms, jus of lemongrass, a Platter of the finest regional cheeses, and a bottle of dry Muscat wine. The patroness seemed uninterested in her meal, and insincerely interested in the biography, Cécilia, poised at her finger tips.
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